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2018 Farm Bill Compliant 

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  • Know Your Cannabinoids
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    Know Naturals

    -Fast Acting in as Fast as 15-30 Minutes

    -Dispensary Quality Cannabinoids

    -NO Doctor's Recommendation Needed

    -Farm Bill Compliant at Under 0.3% Delta 9-THC

    -Five Know Formula Experiences (Four Zero-THC)

    -Six Know Entourage Fusions (Three Zero-THC)

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    Know Formulas

    Our Know Formula experiences are the basis of Know Naturals' wellness journey, with each formula tailored to enhance your day with cannabinoids and adaptogens.

    Whether you seek the serene Bliss of THC, a boost of Energy, razor-sharp FocusLucid clarity, or tranquil Rest, these formulas are designed to meet your individual daily wellness needs with precision and purity. Embrace a personalized pathway to balance and well-being with our Know Formula experiences.

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    Enhanced Fusions

    Experience the entourage effect and dual benefits with our Enhanced Fusions. With NO Delta 9-THC, these combos are expertly crafted to elevate your daily routine and support your specific lifestyle demands without the THC high, enabling you to maintain peak performance and serenity.

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    Ascended Fusions

    Our Ascended Fusions offer the ultimate blend of euphoria and functionality by combining Bliss with our Enhanced Fusions blends. These combinations provide a holistic approach to wellness, transcending everyday expectations for an ascended state of mind and body.

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    We Know...

    Edibles are a very convenient way to consume cannabinoids discreetly, but we also know they have significant drawbacks like slow onset and a one-note, couch lock feeling. Our Know Naturals edibles are designed to be ultra-convenient while solving the problems of traditional edibles!

    Super Fast-Acting

    Our formulas utilize proprietary technology to deliver the fastest-acting edibles on the market. We by-pass the slow liver metabolism process and quickly deliver cannabinoids directly to your bloodstream from the lymphatic system in as fast as 15-30 minutes versus the 60-120 minutes of traditional edibles.

    Predictable Experience Every Time

    We utilize a custom blend of cannabinoids and  terpenes for each formulation to steer the effects of our Experiences ensuring a predictable and consistent Experience each and every time.

    Customizable Multi-Note Feeling

    Because our formulations bypass metabolism in the liver, our Delta 9-THC Bliss formula remains s Delta 9-THC and ensures the same kind of feeling as vaporizing or smoking. Because our Delta 9-THC is not converted to 11-Hydroxy-THC like with traditional edibles, there isn't that one-note "high" that just makes you sleepy. Mix our Know Formulas for one of a kind Know Entourage Fusion experience.

    Customize Your Experience

    Select the Exact Experience for Your Set & Setting

    Know Naturals transcends traditional edibles by offering a wide range of Know Formulas which can be combined with one another creating a sophisticated palette of customizable Know Entourage Fusion experiences. Our Know Formulas are expertly crafted from a synergy of six cannabinoids, two adaptogenic mushroom species, and a wide spectrum of hand-selected terpenes. This entourage of compounds allows for tailored effects—like combining the uplifting serenity from Bliss's Delta 9-THC with the invigorating Energy of CBC and cordyceps and the intense Focus of CBD, CBG, cordyceps and lion's mane mushrooms—surpassing the generic one-note high of distillate and MCT-based edible alternatives.

    The predictability of Know Naturals' formulas ensures a consistent experience each time, thanks to precise cannabinoid and terpene profiles that work in harmony, aligning with your desired state without the typical delay or overpowering lethargy of traditional edibles. The future of personalized self-care is here with Know Naturals' versatile, fast-acting edibles.

    Know Formulas

    Our Know Formula experiences are the basis of Know Naturals' wellness journey, with each formula tailored to enhance your day with cannabinoids, terpenes and adaptogens. Whether you seek the serene Bliss of Delta 9-THC, a boost of Energy, razor-sharp Focus, Lucid clarity, or tranquil Rest, these formulas are designed to meet your individual daily wellness needs with precision and purity. Embrace a personalized pathway to balance and well-being with our Know Formula experiences.

    Bliss with Delta 9-THC and Fresh Frozen Hemp Extract 

    Discover tranquility with Bliss edibles—fast-acting Delta-9 THC delights that offer a serene mind-body journey, without the couch-lock. Elevate your mood and find your Zen in just 15-30 minutes with our fresh-frozen hemp extract. With myrcene, a-pinene and b-caryophyllene.


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    Energy with CBC and Cordyceps Mushrooms 

    Experience vitality with Energy gummies. Harness the power of hemp-derived CBC and energizing cordyceps mushrooms for a non-jittery boost. Zero THC, Farm Bill compliant, and designed for sustained mental and physical activity. With d-limonene, b-caryophyllene and cis-b-ocimene.

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    Focus with CBD, CBG and Cordyceps Mushrooms

    Sharpen your mind with Focus edibles, offering a distraction-free experience powered by a unique blend of CBD, CBG, and cognition-boosting mushrooms. Zero-THC and ultra-fast-acting, these gummies are your go-to for laser-like concentration. With d-limonene, b-caryophyllene and b-pinene.

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    Lucid with CBDV and
    Blue Lotus

    Embrace mental clarity with Lucid, Know Naturals' clear-headed companion. With its unique CBDV and blue lotus formulation, Lucid aids in navigating thought with precision—ideal for moments of reflection or creative exploration. Expand your conscious awareness. With b-myrcene, d-limonene and b-caryophyllene.

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    Rest with CBD, CBN and

    Drift into deep tranquility with Rest gummies. Our expertly crafted blend includes CBD, CBN, and CBDV, paired with calming terpenes to help you unwind after a long day. Experience rejuvenating sleep and wake up refreshed with this THC-free formula. With linalool, b-pinene and b-myrcene.

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    Know Entourage Fusions

    Discover the art of personalized well-being with Know Entourage Fusions. Our alchemic blends empower you to fuse our Know Formulas into your own unique fusions, creating extraordinary symphonies of effects tailored just for you. Enjoy the predictability and consistency of our Fusions, ensuring each fast-acting edible brings you the perfect balance, without the wait or unwanted side effects. Join the multitude of satisfied customers and embark on a journey of customized wellness with Know Entourage Enhanced and Ascended Fusions where your optimal state is just a bite away.

    Enhanced Fusions

    Experience the entourage effect and dual benefits with our Enhanced Fusions . With NO Delta 9-THC, Engage merges the stamina of Energy with Focus's clarity, Imagine pairs Focus with the expansiveness of Lucid, and Relax combines Lucid's mindfulness with Rest's soothing qualities. These combos are expertly crafted to elevate your daily routine and support your specific lifestyle demands without the THC high, enabling you to maintain peak performance and serenity.

    Energy + Focus = Engage

    Unleash productivity with Engage, combining the invigorating effects of Energy and the sharpness of Focus. Ideal for those who demand peak performance without THC, fostering intense concentration and enduring energy.

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    Focus + Lucid = Imagine

    Foster creativity with Imagine, blending the cognitive support of Focus with the clear-mindedness of Lucid. Crafted for deep thinkers and artists, this THC-free duo nurtures imagination and attentive clarity.

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    Lucid + Rest = Relax

    Ease into calmness with Relax, merging the contemplative state of Lucid with Rest's soothing properties. Perfect for unwinding THC-free before sleep, this combo encourages peaceful awareness and restorative slumber.

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    Ascended Fusions

    Our Ascended Fusions offer the ultimate blend of euphoria and functionality by combiningthe natural Delta 9-THC in Bliss with our Enhanced Fusions blends. Optimize (Bliss + Energy + Focus) delivers an exuberant focus for those ambitious endeavors requiring top-tier performance. Expand (Bliss + Focus + Lucid) encourages out-of-the-box thinking enveloped in contented focus, while Rejuvenate (Bliss + Lucid + Rest) ensures a blissful transition into restful awareness. These combinations provide a holistic approach to wellness, transcending everyday expectations for an ascended state of mind and body.

    Bliss + Energy + Focus = Optimize

    Maximize your potential with Optimize—a powerhouse trio of Bliss, Energy, and Focus experiences. Achieve a state of euphoric drive and sharp attentiveness perfect for high-stake scenarios demanding excellence. This experience is much like a sativa-dominant strain.

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    Bliss + Focus + Lucid =

    Broaden your horizons with Expand, a melding of Bliss, Focus, and Lucid that nurtures inventive thinking wrapped in joyous concentration. An ascendant combo ideal for innovative minds seeking expansion. This experience is much like a balanced sativa-indica hybrid.

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    Bliss + Lucid + Rest =

    Revitalize your essence with Rejuvenate, blending the blissful calm of Bliss edibles, Lucid's mindfulness, and Rest's tranquility. A celestial combo that enriches night-time routines for holistic rejuvenation and a renewed feeling. This experience is much like an indica-dominant strain.

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    quick, predictable experience 

    customized to your mood every time

    Know Formulas and Know Entourage Fusions are specifically designed to offer the fastest onset in the industry. Feel the full effects of your custom experience with Know Naturals edibles in as fast as 15-30 minutes. No waiting and no surprises.

    Know Naturals gummies
    Know Naturals Bliss products

    Dispensary quality cannabinoids delivered to your door for free* with NO need for a Doctor's recommendation

    Highest quality dispensary quality cannabinoids, no doctor's recommendation needed, no waiting rooms and no checkout lines at the dispensary. Get your hemp-derived cannabinoids delivered to your door with free shipping* to all the United States.

    *Free shipping on orders over $100

    What Do Our Customers Think of Know Naturals?

    Our customers love our fast acting Know Naturals formulas that can be mixed and matched to create a customized experience!

    I usually need 200mg or more of THC for an edible to work, and then it just makes me tired. Know Naturals Bliss gummies have changed the game with their fast acting formula that goes right to the blood stream. I felt 30mg in under 30 minutes. That's NEVER happened before!

    Nick Z.


    I have a terrible time getting to sleep each night and an even worse time getting back to sleep if I wake up. The Know Naturals Rest formula helped me to get to sleep, but more importantly allowed me to stay asleep longer and get back to sleep quickly if I wake up.

    Dawn W.

    Working Mother

    My job is full of stress and distractions, and I don't want to take the prescription drugs anymore. Know Naturals Energy and Focus gummies have helped me with no-crash energy throughout the day and the ability to block out the noise. I love Know Naturals! 

    Joe D.


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